Our Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery Preparedness - GigaBack can help you develop a comprehensive DR plan for your entire organization. GigaBack will work with you in executing the DR plan if a major disaster does occur.

Fulfilling Industry Compliance - Since our software has the ability to do continuous archiving, it is an excellent tool for meeting industry compliance regulations. You can capture every file from every day and restore/retrieve from any specific day you need. You can also choose how many versions of a particular file you want to archive in your storage vault .

Software Customization - If you have a specific requirement that the software does not address, we are willing to develop solutions to address those needs either in the program itself, or as a separate module.

Backup and Archiving design - It can be difficult to determine what data should be backed up weekly or monthly and which data should be set up for continuous on-going archiving. We can assist in the construction of a backup and archiving strategy that is right for your business. This can often result in lowering backup and archiving costs and increasing protection and preparedness.