Installation Procedure: Sign up for the service on our web site. After you finish creating a storage account, download the installation package from the download page in support section and follow the instructions. Note that you must reboot the computer in order to load the Windows open file driver.

Command line switches: Install package supports these command line switches:

eb.exe Install software
eb.exe /a:blind_conf_file Install software without user intervention, using the configuration from blind_conf_file (see below)
eb.exe /remove Uninstall software
eb.exe /removeblind Uninstall software without user intervention

Network Installation Procedure: The software supports a blind mode (without user interaction). Yet to correctly install the software, you have to define the configuration parameters of the blind.cfg file.

To install GigaBack in the blind mode, run the install package with the command line: /A:path_to_blind_file . The configuration file has a very simple format:

  • Lines with a # character first are comment lines
  • Empty lines are skipped
  • Lines with parameters have the format: name_of_parameter=value_of_parameter.
  • In the table below, you will find descriptions of all parameters.
INSTALL_FOLDER Target folder to install NBA to: For example: C:\Program Files\EB\
CREATE_ICONS Do you want to create program group icons? Use the ON value if YES and the OFF if NO.
LANGUAGE_FILE Name of the language file. You can find all existing language files in the NBA program folder. They have a ".lng" extension.
MAX_LOG_SIZE The maximum size of a Backup Set log file in KB.
INSTALL_OFB_DRIVER Do you want to install a special driver to backup opened files? Use the ON value if YES and the OFF if NO.
ERROR_EMAIL If enabled, any errors occurring during the blind install will generate an email via the Windows MAPI subsystem.
GUI_KEY This variable gives you the opportunity to register the key during installation. Look at the sample below for details.
If you need more variables. Contact us and we'll be happy to add them.

An example of a configuration file for a blind install:

# Line format: name=value

# Install software to ... 
INSTALL_FOLDER=C:\Program Files\gigaback\

# Is the "create icons" (ON, OFF)

# name of language file

# maximum size of log file in KB (0 - no limit)

# Is install a driver to backup opened files ( ON, OFF )

# If any error occurs during the blind install,
# an email may be sent to any email account
# through the Windows MAPI subsystem. # Full path to a registration key file GUI_KEY=x:\somewhere\user.key

Uninstall: Close the program window; In the Windows "Start" menu choose "GigaBack" Click "Uninstall". The window of Uninstall Wizard will appear, now follow the instructions of the Wizard.

You can also perform the uninstall operation through the Settings option in Windows Start menu. Select Control panel, choose Add/Remove programs, find GigaBack in the list of currently installed programs and click Add/Remove button.

System Requirements: The software uses minimal system resources.

Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/Windows 2000, XP, Server2000/2003
x86 Intel or compatible
32MB RAM required
At least 5MB of free disk space.