Backup: We use the term backup to mean "make a separate copy of backup files, compress them, and put them into a backup archive". There are two types of backups:

  1. Full: All source files will be added into a backup archive
  2. Incremental: Only new files, or those changed from a previous backup will be added into an archive. It saves time required for a backup.

Backup files: a collection of the important files, folders, and registry entries you have selected to backup. Also referred to as source files.

Backup archive: a file that contains your documents; files and special information to get an exact copy of the backup files any time you need it. GigaBack uses a standard ZIP format for backup archives. Usually you have to store your backup archives offsite from the computer where your source files are located.

Backup Storage: Backup storage is the location that you use to store your backup archives. Ideally it must be safe, fast and be outside of your computer location.

Backup Set: a collection of source files, backup storage, and parameters, which control the backup process.

Catalog File: a small file with a compressed list of the files backed up in a backup archive. Each backup archive has such a file. It's not encrypted, but the compression is not standard. That's why without special tools, nobody is able to read these files. A catalog file has a ".cat" extension.

GigaBack Information Files: files from this group contain information about backup sets, your customized options, and so on. Here is a list of these files:

DIRS.DAT - contains all backup sets
FILETYPE.DAT - contains a list of all extensions
HOTKEYS.DAT - allow quick access to commands
VARS.DAT - contains GigaBack variables
CONF.DAT - GigaBack encrypted configuration
PUBRING.PKR and SECRING.SKR - files with your PGP keys

Restore: GigaBack uses the term restore to describe the process of copying files from a backup archive to a disk, and applying all file information (attributes, security, ...) to give an exact copy of source files.

Repair Information: a compressed file in a special format that contains two types of files. The software uses these files to upload the configuration information, and backupset information, and the encryption key.

Tree of Backup Sets: the tree of all existing Backup Sets. You can find it on the left side of the GigaBack Explorer window.